Don’t Be a Sandbagger

I always tease my wife that she only goes heavy enough to ensure she still “wins” each timed workout.  Whenever I need a breather (which is always because my cardio is nowhere close to being as good as hers), my excuse is she’s not going heavy enough.  It’s a little game we play.

ROM Drills, then warm-up with 21-15-9 (starting each round with a 200m, 70# sandbag run) of:

KB Swings (72#)

V-up sit-ups

Goblet Squats (72#)


Strength: Single leg DB Romanian Deadlifts 8-8-8-8 (each side, superset with DB lateral raises 8-8-8-8

I’m no ballerina, but you get the idea…

MetCon: 4 rds for time of

20 kettle stirs (10 each direction)

10 med ball atomic sit-ups into wall ball (20# med ball)

20 TRX leg curls

-AR 10:30, DR 10:33

Kettle stirs…