Who’s Got the Time?


Timing yourself on certain benchmark exercises is a great way to take your temperature on where your fitness level is.  I ran a mile at the of the workout and was nowhere close to what I use to hit.  Hey, it’s cold, and I’d rather being working on my winter coat and extra layers than going for a run.  But at least I know where I’m deficient and can make a plan of attack.


The other thing I want to talk to regarding time is that something is always better than nothing.  My wife and I got a late start this morning, and I had a hard break I had to be done by.  The point is, get something in.


ROM Drills, then warm-up with 3 rds of:

50 double-unders

25 hand-release push-ups

50 walking lunges


Strength: Bench press 3-3-3-3-3, superset with toes-to-bar, 10-10-10-10-10


Run 1 mile for time:

-DR 7:52, AR 9:55