The Pain Train!

Here’s a crazy WOD for you.  Start with your Dynamic warm-up and range of motion drills, then do sandbag squats to the song, “Bring Sally Up.”  When the song says up, go up, and when it says down, go down.  Hold each position until the song tells you otherwise.  Click here for an example:

WOD for Time:

Run 400m, then 5 rds of

10 jump-squats

10 hang cleans (95#)

10 DB curls (35# DB’s)

then run 400m, then 4 rds of:

8 toes-to-bar

10 sandbag split squats (70# sandbag)

12 alternating DB presses (50# DB’s)

then run 400m, then 3 rds of:

6 squat cleans (95#)

8 DB lunges (35# DB’s, each side)

10 SDLHP’s (95#’s)

then run 400m, then 2 rds of:

10 sandbag get-ups each side (70#)

15 KB swings (72#)

20 Russian twists

then run 400m, then 1 rd of:

2 rope climbs

Max handstand push-ups

Max wall sit

Then run 400m.


A – 49:02, D – 55:45, C – 58:43, B – 60:30