There’s Strength in Numbers

Team workouts and competitions are a great way to take your mind off of “the workout” while having some fun.  Today our dynamic warm-up included a game we call “Slaps.”  Everyone starts at the top of a push-up (or bear crawl) position.  On go, you’re trying to tag anyone you can before they tag you.  If anyone gets tagged or if any part of your body other than your hands or feet touch the ground, you have to stop and do 10 air squats.  I think we went until everyone had done at least 30 squats.

Partner WOD – 5 rds for time

Wheelbarrow race – 50′ down, switch partners, 50′ back

Partner A does 10 box jump-overs (24″), while partner B does 10 DB reverse fly’s, then switch.


Strength: Incline bench 8-6-5-5-5, superset with weighted ring pull-ups, 5-5-5-5-5


Station 3) Complete 4 rds of 200m sandbag run and 8-10 DB Fly’s.  When done, complete 100 leg-levers.