Get Inn Your Workout


Just because I’m on the road and staying at an “Inn” doesn’t mean I can’t work out.  I have some upcoming projects that I have to be in shape for, so by setting these micro goals to hit, it gives me just enough motivation to force myself out of bed – or to bed early enough to be rested for a workout.

ROM Drills, then 100 4-count jumping jacks (200 total)


Warm-up with 5 rds of:

10 DB single arm snatches (each side, 50# DB)

20 Russian twists (25#)

10 Goblet squats (50#DB)


Strength: DB Isolation curls 8-8-8-8 (each side), supereset with DB shoulder press 8-8-8-8


MetCon: 3 rds of

10 DB step forward / step back lunges (each side, 35# DB’s)

20 Arm-haulers

10 DB curls to overhead press