Not All There


I don’t know about you guys, but our family has been fighting the flu and some colds.  Between over-eating from Thanksgiving and all the extra desserts, it can be easy to get discouraged.  Right now, my wife and I feel like we have zero lung capacity.  So, where I had originally programmed running, I sub’d in a long, slow, farmer’s carry that I knew would require extra breaks.  It’s another, “Better Than Nothing,” workout, and still let’s me feel like I’m making strides in the right direction.

ROM Drills

800m Farmer’s Carry (50# DB’s), then 21-15-9 of

KB Swings (62#)

Butt-to-Ball Squats

Hands on plates hand-release push-ups, then finish with

800m Farmer’s Carry (50# DB’s)

-DR 24:34, AR 24:47



5 front squats, 1 push-press, 5 back squats

4 front squats, 1 push-press, 4 back squats, then repeat with 3’s, 2’s, 1’s.  Superset each with 20 ab-mat sit-ups.