Dude, That’s Cold!


We work out in a barn, so if it’s frozen outside, it’s frozen inside.  And frankly, it can be painful, especially if you have to touch things like metal weights…even with gloves.  This is one of the reasons why it is so important to take your time to warm up and stretch properly.

ROM Drills, Dynamic warm-up, then two rounds of:

10 Bosen ball push-ups (place a 45# plate on a medicine ball)

4 Slam-ball baseball throws with inchworms  – throw a slam ball like a baseball for distance, then inchworm to the ball (legs straight, walk your hands out, 1 push-up, walk your feet to your hands).  Keep going until you reach the ball.  Alternate arms for the throws.

20 walking lungs


Strength: bench 12-8-3-3-20 (burnout), superset with weighted pull-ups 6-6-4-4-12 (burnout)


Cardio: 30 minutes on a stationary recumbent bike